Logo of vidaplaygroup

VIDA playgroup was designed to fit the needs of kids in the ages of 2-6. It was our love for children and our desire to share and teach them our language and culture that led us to create VIDA Playgroup,a space where kids can acquire and develop social and emotional skills through playtimes, games, classes, and activities while having fun and learning -or reinforcing - their Spanish in a safe, clean, nurturing and inclusive environment that offers them a sense of belonging to a community.

We make our playtimes entertaining and stimulating while teaching Spanish and encouraging children and caregivers to bond during the time we spend together. We know kids learn by playing, which is why we make sure our classes are equally as fun and engaging for our little ones. Our goal is to become not only our little one’s favorite playtime but also to create a community where parents and caregivers feel welcomed, valued, and supported while fortifying their bonds with their little ones through our bilingual classes, activities, games, and products.

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